2019 St. Pat's Shirts now available for order!

Our annual St. Pat's shirts are now available. Contact any city fireman to place your order or click the link below to order yours online!

Posted - 02/14/2019 12:28pm

Order your shirts online here!

2018 Kids Christmas Party

This year's Christmas Party will be on December 16th at the Elks Club. The party starts at 5pm with Santa arriving at 5:45. All requests for Hess Trucks must be in by no later than December 2nd so we can have them here on time. Sign up by calling or stopping by Station #1!

Posted - 11/12/2018 6:26pm

Memorial dedication

There will be a private dedication of our new memorial at station #1 on October 8th at 7pm. This dedication is for family of our fallen members, retirees and active members. Informal dress is fine, hope to see everyone there.

Posted - 09/26/2018 8:10pm

Fall retirement dinner

The fall retirement dinner will be held at the Savory Downtown on October 20th. Please call station #1 to reserve your spot if you plan on attending.

Posted - 09/26/2018 7:36pm

2018 Stag Picnic

This year's picnic will once again be held at Westcott Beach State Park starting at noon on July 10th. Let check in know that you're with the fire department. Hope to see you there!

Posted - 06/13/2018 8:20am

Retirement Dinner Announcement

We would like to inform members and retirees that we will not be holding a spring retirement dinner this year. We will resume this fall and announcements will be sent when the date is chosen.

Posted - 02/07/2018 8:24am

2017 Stag Picnic

The Stag Picnic will be held at Westcott Beach State Park on Tuesday, July 11th. Jerome Catering will serve the food and the Benevolent will provide the drinks. The event starts at noon, let the gate know that you're with the fire department. Hope to see you there!

Posted - 05/08/2017 8:01pm

Spring Retirement Dinner

This years Spring Retirement Dinner will be at the Savory Downtown on April 8th. We will be having a buffet dinner at 7:00 pm with cocktails starting at 6:00 pm. The firefighters being honored are Steve Wood and Dave Compo. Sign up by calling station 1 or stopping into any of the stations to sign up. Hope to see you there!

Posted - 02/06/2017 11:52am

2016 Fall Party

This years Fall Party will be held at the Elks Club on November 12th. Cocktails will begin at 6:00 PM with a buffet dinner at 7:00 PM. Please sign up by October 31st at any of the engine houses. Hope to see you there!

Posted - 10/17/2016 4:32pm

2016 Big Buck Contest

It's that time of the year again! Get signed up for this years big buck contest before it's too late. The cost is $30 with a t-shirt or $20 without. Download the application below and turn it in to one of the measurers with your entrance fee to get in the running. Full list of rules is printed on the application. Good luck!

Posted - 09/23/2016 11:46pm

Download the registration form here

What Is A Firefighter Worth?

This article was written by the wife of a firefighter and posted on the Charleston Firefighters Association - Local 61 website. It's a very good read that we would like to share with you. Click the link below to visit their website.

What is a firefighter worth?

There has been so much talk recently about things like containing costs, lowering taxes, and those who work in public safety being overpaid - particularly firefighters - that it could make your head spin. We've all done the "simple math," crunched the numbers, and it all seems to boil down to a simple question. What are firefighters worth?

I guess that depends. We live in a country that seems to have forgotten what our priorities are. A man can be a skilled athlete who happens to throw and catch a football well, and make millions and millions of dollars to do so. And we as a society are not only OK with that, but we gather in front of our televisions and cheer that man on. Meanwhile, a firefighter kisses his children goodbye before every shift knowing the harsh reality that it very well could be the last time he will see them, and he is fighting tooth and nail for decent health coverage and substantial pay to support those children.

He is the man that you call when your elderly father has a stroke. He is the person that will extract your 16-year-old son from a mangled vehicle on the highway in the middle of the night. He is the person that will be there in a heartbeat when your newborn infant stops breathing. He is the person who is exposed to countless dangerous scenarios and has seen horrific things during his career that would psychologically haunt most of us for the rest of our lives. We trust him to save our homes and belongings in the event of a disastrous fire, and we trust him to keep us breathing and our hearts beating when we face our most critical moments. What is he worth to you?

He sometimes will go days without sleep, and make life altering decisions on every call he shows up to. He has missed family meals, bedtime stories, Christmas mornings, school plays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving dinners, and his own children's birthdays. We all know that life is so very short, and firefighters sacrifice precious time with the most important people in their lives to save the lives of the most important people in yours. And now they have to defend and protect their pensions, well deserved health benefits, and their paychecks. It has been proposed by some that they lose many of their benefits, and work extra shifts that they will not be compensated for. There seems to be a serious misconception that firefighters are in it for the monetary gain, and more and more often have been portrayed in a negative light for actually expecting to be compensated for the sacrifices that they make to do their job. For an individual that has chosen this selfless career, it begs the question: Is it worth it?

Most of us are willing to pay a little extra for something if it is important to us, whether it be the shoes we wear, the doctor we choose to treat us, or even the cup of coffee we drink. It is something that we value, therefore it is worth the cost. Most would agree that our safety and protection is of unmeasurable value. Those of us that are skilled in math may look at the numbers and think that stripping those who serve our public of their way to earn a decent living is an answer to a financial equation. But firefighters and their families are not numbers on a piece of paper. They are human beings that are doing their jobs every day to the best of their ability, and possibly sacrificing their own lives for the life of a stranger. Not many of us in our right mind would do that for free, and no one should have to.

So before making our minds up that firefighters are the financial problem, sit down with a local firefighter and ask him about his job. Ask him about his wife and his sons or daughters, what kind of house he lives in, and what type of car he drives. And then ask yourself, if you were to take on such a career, what would you expect in return?

Tina Clarke

Proud wife of a Cumberland firefighter

Posted - 06/03/2016 9:28pm

Charleston City Professional Firefighters Association

Watertown City Firefighters Facing Demotions

8 City of Watertown Fire Captains should be receiving letters as early as today advising them of their demotion back to firefighter rank. This is the latest decision by city management claiming that the department is too "top heavy" with supervisors. This decision was made without even discussing the impact of such a change with the Fire Chief himself. It appears that the City Manager and Council are forcing a restructuring of the department which is neither safer or more efficient for the citizens and firefighters in the City of Watertown.

Posted - 05/27/2016 11:51am

Watertown Daily Times Article - May 27, 2016

City Of Watertown Demotes 8 Fire Department Captains

Pay more, get less. Raise taxes, lose services. Monday night, at a Watertown City Council work session, Council members decided to demote 8 Captains in the fire department. This means less apparatus will be available to respond to emergencies. Each piece of fire apparatus in the City of Watertown is currently staffed with one Captain and one or two firefighters. How much is your safety and the safety of your family worth?

Posted - 05/24/2016 1:23am

WWNY Article

7 News Interview

Union President Dan Daugherty was interviewed by channel 7 this morning. They talked about the struggles the department has faced in negotiations with the city. Click the link below to watch the video.

Posted - 05/20/2016 3:25pm

WWNY Article

Spring Party

This year we will be honoring Firefighter Dave Burns. The party will be held at the Savory Downtown on Washington Street, June 18th starting at 6:00 PM with a buffet dinner at 7:00 PM. Please sign up with your number attending at any of the three stations so we can plan accordingly. Hope to see you there!

Posted - 04/22/2016 12:31pm

Mayor Butler: Firefighter Union Is Being 'Unfair' To Taxpayers

Apparently by not agreeing that a reduction to fire department staffing would be good for the department and the community, we are being "unfair". The city will be holding a public hearing on May 16th, we urge the community members to attend and voice your opinion on this and any other concerns that you may have.

Posted - 04/22/2016 12:29pm

WWNY Article

City Manager proposes cutting 3 Firefighter positions

In the proposed 2016 - 2017 city budget the city manager details removing three positions from our staff. Newzjunky has posted the excerpt from the budget.

Posted - 04/22/2016 12:25pm

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