Watertown City Firefighters Facing Demotions

8 City of Watertown Fire Captains should be receiving letters as early as today advising them of their demotion back to firefighter rank. This is the latest decision by city management claiming that the department is too "top heavy" with supervisors. This decision was made without even discussing the impact of such a change with the Fire Chief himself. It appears that the City Manager and Council are forcing a restructuring of the department which is neither safer or more efficient for the citizens and firefighters in the City of Watertown.

Posted - 05/27/2016 11:51am

Watertown Daily Times Article - May 27, 2016

City Of Watertown Demotes 8 Fire Department Captains

Pay more, get less. Raise taxes, lose services. Monday night, at a Watertown City Council work session, Council members decided to demote 8 Captains in the fire department. This means less apparatus will be available to respond to emergencies. Each piece of fire apparatus in the City of Watertown is currently staffed with one Captain and one or two firefighters. How much is your safety and the safety of your family worth?

Posted - 05/24/2016 1:23am

WWNY Article

7 News Interview

Union President Dan Daugherty was interviewed by channel 7 this morning. They talked about the struggles the department has faced in negotiations with the city. Click the link below to watch the video.

Posted - 05/20/2016 3:25pm

WWNY Article

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